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ISSN : 2668-957X
ISSN-L : 2668-957X


Project no : 167/2017

Project implementation period: 20.07.2017 – 20 02.2019

Concept development of an energy storage unit using high temperature superconducting coil for spacecraft power systems – SMESinSpace


      SMESinSpace project is addressing, for the first time in Romania, the issue of design and manufacture a High Temperature Superconducting Magnet Energy Storage System (HT SMES).
The project is structured in 3 stages starting from a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 2 by formulating the High Temperature Superconducting Magnet Energy Storage (HT SMES ) concept and will evolve through TRL 3 by realizing and testing the experimental model, to TRL 4, which will be accomplished by validating the HT SMES proof of concept operated in a simulated environment by integrating it in a Hybrid Power Source (HPS) structured on those realized in the STAR project no. 89/2013. The input power will be provided by an area of PV panels, realizing so a real operating situation. The load supply will be provided by HT SMES – battery hybrid energy storage using an energy management strategy adapted from those elaborated in the same STAR project, and the HPS response to the load transients will be determined.
The focus on high density energy storage is linked to ESA’s planning to develop new Power Processing Units, especially dedicated to the Full Electric Propulsion Spacecraft, but also in an attempt to replace the rechargeable batteries with cleaner, lighter, less bulky and more efficient electricity storage devices.


The general objective of the project consists in developing a power supply based on a concept of an energy storage unit using a High Temperature Superconducting Coil for Spacecraft Power Systems.

Specific Objectives

  • Establishing the topology and the design parameters of the High Temperature Superconducting Coil, based on its mathematical model.
  • Design and development of a High Temperature Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (HT SMES) unit.
  • Design and development of the HT SMES experimental setup.
  • Testing HT SMES in normal operation: energy charging, persistent current and energy discharging regimen.
  • Case study on a RES- HT SMES power source.
  • Project results dissemination.

Expected outcomes

  • Opportunity decision on using superconducting coil in space applications and specific operation conditions.
  • Configuring of the HT SMES concept; mathematical modeling and simulation analysis of the proposed configuration.
  • Initial referential for the energy storage unit.
  • Products:
    • EM High temperature superconducting coil (77 K);
    • EM Persistent current switch;
    • EM Experimental setup for HT SMES testing;
    • EM Hybrid power source with HT SMES energy storage unit.
  • HT SMES commissioning and testing; performances determining.
  • Methodologies:
    • HT SMES Operating procedure (charging/ persistent current/ discharging).
  • HT SMES integration in the HPS.
  • Testing the HPS with HT SMES energy storage unit concept. Establishing its functional performances.

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