National Research And Development Institute For Cryogenic And Isotopic Technologies

Our mission is to carry out activities ranging from fundamental research of material structures to obtaining new products and technologies in the field of renewable energies. The implementation, development and dissemination of hydrogen-based energy technologies and fuel cells in Romania are challenges that ICSI Energy approaches for developing a strong and comprehensive RDI portfolio at national level.

The following R&D activities are performed within ICSI Energy Department:

  • Conversion of hydrogen into energy using fuel cells – the priority internal program for development and manufacture of fuel cells – the “Gas 2 Power” program.
  • Development of new materials for fuel cells with proton exchange membranes to reduce production costs and improve performance – Mat 4 H.
  • Development of “clean” mobility engines – the “H-mobility” program
  • Energy storage technologies using hydrogen – “Power 2 Gas”
  • Hybrid energy storage technologies – the „Lithium-Ion-Battery” program.

For all these directions, the program for dissemination and training (H-outreach) forsees activities for making hydrogen-based energy technologies more accessible and comprehensible to population, as well as increasing the number of specialists in the field.

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