National Research And Development Institute For Cryogenic And Isotopic Technologies

The major interest directions of ICSI Nuclear department in relation to the general objectives of the Institute are the following:

  • Studies and research for the development of new types of hydrophobic catalysts and packing for catalyzed isotopic exchange processes of tritiated/deuterium heavy water;
  • Experiments to determine the performance of different types of packing mixes in cryogenic distillation processes;
  • Development of modeling programs for cryogenic distillation processes;
  • Tritiated hydrogen/oxygen processes and recombination systems for tritiated effluents at room temperature;
  • Permeation processes used both for the development of protection mechanisms against tritium permeation and for hydrogen isotopes separation;
  • Tritium storage methods on metals and imtermetallic compounds;
  • Methods and technologies for tritium recovery to be used in fusion reactors;
  • Design of processes and plants for hydrogen isotopes separation;
  • Detritiation methods of tritiated organic liquids and vacuum oils;
  • Detritiation techniques of contaminated metals;
  • The radioactive effects of tritium on ferritic-martensitic steels;
  • Investigation of mechanical and physical properties of materials used in JET, ITER and detritiation facilities (WDS);
  • Study of purification techniques for impure water injected into detritiation systems;
  • Radioprotection techniques.

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