National Research And Development Institute For Cryogenic And Isotopic Technologies

August 2014 – The National Center for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (CNHPC) becomes a National Interest Facility, as a support installation with experimental and testing equipment to address a wide range of research into the use of hydrogen for energy purposes.

CNHPC is engaged in fulfilling a series of programs that include key elements the National Interest Facility must pursue in order to develop and promote energy technologies based on renewable energy sources and hydrogen. IIN-CNHPC provides adequate scientific, technical and logistical support, while also being accessible to other users interested in conducting research activities on their own or in collaboration. Access is allowed in all spaces allocated to the installation, based on cooperation protocols and on compliance with existing work procedures for experimental systems.

The research activity carrried out connects the Romanian research to the international scientific community in fields of high interest, by initiating interdisciplinary research projects, supporting collaborations, continuous training of staff and maintaining the experience gained in the operation and exploitation of the facility.

Funding of IIN CNHPC 2017- 2017: 5.359.115 lei

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