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Atmosphere is the largest propagation vector for pollutants. Emissions monitoring makes it possible to assess the contribution of different sources of pollution to air quality and to prioritize pollution reduction. We can say that emissions monitoring defines the cause of pollution. Imissions monitoring allows the study of possible pollution effects on climate, transport and potential toxic substance deposition.

In this regard, ICSI Rm. Valcea offers a wide range of services for monitoring environmental indicators for air, from sampling and analyses of air, to impact studies, environmental audits, monitoring programs and consultancy. Our analyses include both measurements for flue gas emission and for ambient air quality that is imissions. We also have a portable weather station for on-site measurements for pressure, altitude, humidity, dew point, altitude density, temperature, and wind speed from the front or rear.

Type of Analysis Type of Sample
Gravimetric Tests
Determination of Dust Mass Concentration Residual Gaseous Effluents (Emissions)
Non-Dispersive Infrared Analysis Tests
Automatic Determination of Gas Concentrations (O2, CO2, CO, SO2, NO, NOx) Residual Gaseous Effluents (Emissions)
Type of Analysis Type of Sample
Gravimetric Tests
Determination of PM10 Fraction, Suspended Particulate Matter Imissions
UV-Fluorescence Tests
Analysis of Sulfur Dioxide using the Ultraviolet Fluorescence Method Imissions
Chemiluminescence Tests
Analysis of NO, NO2 and NOx through Chemiluminescence  


Analysis of NH3 through Chemiluminescence Imissions
Non-Dispersive Infrared Analysis Tests
Analysis of Carbon Monoxide (CO) using NDIR Method – Non-Dispersive Infrared Absorption Analysis Imissions
Analysis of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in Atmospheric Air Imissions
Flame Ionization Tests (FID)
Hydrocarbon Analysis (HC) Imissions
Photoionization Tests (PID)
Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in Atmospheric Air Imissions
Type of Analysis Type of Sample
Liquid Scintillation Tests
Determination of Radon Concentration in Air Air

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