National Research And Development Institute For Cryogenic And Isotopic Technologies

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ISSN-L : 2668-957X

ICSI Business – Business and Technology Incubator (BTI)

The establishment and administrative operation of the Business and Technology Incubator – ITA Rm. Valcea are based on the GD no. 406/2003 for the approval of specific Methodological Norms on the establishment, operation, evaluation and accreditation of entities from the innovation and technological transfer infrastructure, as well as on the GD no. 128/2004 for the approval of the “Development of innovation infrastructure and technological transfer – INFRATECH” National Program. ITA Rm. Valcea is registered with the National Authority for Scientific Research under no. 52/2005 and is a part of the National Network for Innovation and Technology Transfer.

Mission: To facilitate the initiation and incubation of new innovative enterprises based on the transfer of new advanced technologies, in order to increase economic competitiveness.

Competence authorizations/permits:

  • Operating Permit no. 87/15.12.2016 for the period 2016-2021
  • Operating Permit no. 59/21.12.2011 for the period 2011-2016
  • Operating Permit no. 20/15.12.2006 for the period 2006-2011
  • Temporary Operating Permit no. 23/2005 for one year

BTI Development Directions:

  • Assisting SMEs to access grants for competitiveness development;
  • To capitalize on research results through technology transfer to or in partnership with SMEs;
  • Dissemination of RDI activities results and innovative/successful projects results in the economic environment;
  • Increasing the quality, competitiveness and diversity of the products, processes and services offered/realized within the institute;
  • Enhancing the use of human and material resources within ICSI by ensuring/expanding SMEs’ access to technological services and RDI infrastructure.

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