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Soil, a vast nature-made plant – A fertile part of the earth’s surface and an extremely important ecological factor, the soil is a rich but fragile ecosystem representing the loose, soft and brittle layer that is found on the surface of the earth’s crust and which together with the surrounding atmosphere represents the living environment of plants.

Analyses specific to soil samples are essential both economically and from an environmental point of view. Information on the level of soil pollution and/or nutrition can lead to the establishment of recommendations or strategic decision-making program for the development of the reference area. The modern equipment of ICSI laboratories, as well as the materials used and the best quality reagents, allow the performance of complex and highly accurate analyses.

Type of Analysis Type of Sample
Gravimetric Tests
Determination of Hydrocarbon Content Soil
Determination of Dry Matter and Water Content Soil
Determination of Sulfates in Soil Soil
Electrochemical Tests
Determination of pH Soil
Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Tests
Determination of Cadmium in Aqua Regia Extracts of Soil Soil
Graphite Furnace and Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Tests
Determination of Manganese, Copper, Lead, Nickel and Zinc in Aqua Regia Extracts of Soil Soil
Name of Test Type of Sample
High Resolution Gamma Spectrometry Tests
Identification and Quantitative Determination of Radionuclides Emitting Gamma Radiation through High Resolution Spectrometry in Environmental Samples – Soil and Ash Sample Soil, Sediment, Sand, Sludge, etc
Low Background Gross-Beta Radiometry Tests
Measurement of Gross Beta Activity in Soil and Ash Samples Soil, Sediment, Sludge, etc
Sampling of Environmental Samples – Soil Soil, Sediment, Sludge

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