National Research And Development Institute For Cryogenic And Isotopic Technologies

ICSI Rm. Valcea has a Linde HRLS 11 Helium Refrigeration and Liquefaction System, configured to ensure both helium liquefaction and to generate a refrigerated gas flow at 16 K-22 K, a flux that can be used in specific testing and experimentation systems.

HRLS 11 stocator de proces pentru heliu lichid

HRLS 11 System, liquid helium storage processor and liquid helium mobile dewar

Cold-box for HRLS 11

Process Data

  • Discharge pressure 13 (bar)
  • Flow 30 (g/s)
  • Pressure LN22-3 (bar)
  • LN2Flow      0,6 (l – LN2/ l – He)


Refrigeration mode

  • Power 200 W at 20 K;
  • Time to reach parameters 6-8 h
  • Liquefaction mode
  • Production per hour 90 l / h
  • Liquid helium production per batch 250 l
  • Time to reach the parameters 12-24 h

Commercial Offer

  • On-demand test systems can be developed using liquid or refrigerated helium
  • Applications involving refrigerated helium can be carried out in the cold-box system adapted to the HRLS 11 system;
  • A cryogenic power of 200W for refrigereted helium allows for various applications at higher parameters than existing cryo-generators;
  • The entry time is maximum 8 hours for 16 K of refrigerated helium to 200 W of cryogenic power;
  • Liquid helium can be delivered on request; the maximum quantity per delivery is 250 liters;
  • There are specialized dewars for transportation purposes for 250 liters, which are not charged for a maximum of 60 days.

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