National Research And Development Institute For Cryogenic And Isotopic Technologies


ICSI Rm. Valcea performs periodical technical verification and repair works on gas and compressed gas and liquefied gas cylinders containers under the authorization no. B/CR4/I, J/ 9,10/1820/2/15.12.2016 issued by ISCIR Bucharest, having trained and authorized personnel in compliance with the provisions of technical prescriptions. Verifications are made following established procedures, based on current legislation.

In order to prolong the use period of transportable cylinders, the main actions required for such verifications are: checking of the exterior and interior appearance, interior cleaning, hydraulic test, cylinder wall verification, dyeing.

Periodic technical inspection is carried out according to the technical regulations in force on gas cylinders and gas and compressed gas mixtures having the following parameters: Vmax. = 150 liters, Pmax = 300 bar, fluid type (argon, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, krypton, neon, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and mixtures containing these fluids) with technical means meeting the requirements of the applicable technical prescriptions and standards.

Leak testing for enclosed areas; non-destructive testing

ICSI Rm. Valcea provides leak testing services using the helium leak detector to components/equipment within the traditional nuclear objectives and other products which require a certain degree of leak-proof, in order to detect possible leaks (pores, cracks in joints or material), under the authorization no. DISPR/CR6/TIPH/0002/1/14.07.2014 field LT – leak testing, issued by ISCIR Bucharest.

We have trained and authorized personnel in compliance with the provisions of technical prescriptions. The Institute has extensive experience and necessary technical equipment for the execution of inerting works, high-vacuum deployment in enclosed areas and tanks for the transport and storage of cryogenic liquids.

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