The workshop welcomes contributions on a wide range of topics related with the study of isotopes (radioisotopes, stable isotopes and non-traditional stable isotopes), including in:

  • Hydrology and Geochemistry,
  • Geology, Earth Science and Paleoclimatology,
  • Environmental Science, Ecology and Speleology,
  • Biochemistry,
  • Archeology,
  • General Interest Applications: Food Science, Forensic, Material Science, Medicine,
  • Methodological and Instrumental Developments.
  • Hydrocarbons, Petroleum Systems, Energy Industry.

A special session will be devoted to “Isotopes in precipitation across Europe”

Talks of invited speakers, presenting state-of-the-art in selected areas of isotope research, are envisaged. Also, isotope equipments manufacturers will have the opportunity to present their latest developments.